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Embodiment, or the lack of it, is the essential focus of my current work. Developing out of a shift in personal knowledge and newfound interpretation of contemporary feminist and queer theory, I have found a language to express the issues of my inner body liminality—. For the duration of the past two years, I have investigated and interpreted my associations with the dualisms of body and mind using photography, sculpture, and painting. I seek to transgress the traditional binaries of gender through my artistic practice and explore how these strict representational categories can be broken down. In the process, a threshold of identity, community, space and object hood is questioned. I seek to engage with a fluidity of gender in each piece, and to separate the viewer from the desire to pin down and dichotomize their response to the work. As an artist, I feel it is necessary to acknowledge my own personal understanding with my body, the concept, and the definitive state of existing in a queer body of privilege as a white cis-passing woman. Yet, I also see this personal body as a windowless home, where in place of windows my body-home has kaleidoscopic keyholes that transform the world around it. Understanding this, my work dismembers the body/home, and places these limbs in strange worlds, contextualized within contemporary queer youth culture. I seek to question gender narrative and the mystery of embodiment that is equal parts repulsive, cloying, seductive and honest. I find my body to be—in its best moments—magical but also frustrating, and often uncomfortable; my approach to it is always in flux. To live in the flux, to have these kaleidoscopic keyholes allows my work to explore the binary regime and become about what it means to be queer personally. That is what I seek to exhibit in my photographic and sculptural work: a place of color and depth, unapologetic grit, joy, confusing darkness and fragmentation of comfort. These become moments that pose a punctuation of self and the other, with room for dark humor. One of the objectives in my work is to bring a more accepting, if albeit curious view, of the body and gender to the viewer.



instagram: madslcrats